Welcome to Ms.Garcia's Kinder Class
Room 1812


Dear Families,

Welcome to Lackland Elementary and kindergarten. I have been at Lackland Elementary for the past 14 years and have been teaching for 34years. I'm a SWT graduate with a BS degree in Art Education and Kindergarten. 

I want to welcome you to Kindergarten where learning and discovering about Reading, Writing, Math and Science will be an adventure.



Themes :

Unit 1 Welcome to School

Unit 2 I Am Amazing, I Feel Fine

Unit 3 Those Nearest & Dearest

Unit 4 Head to Toe

Unit 5 Cornucopia

Unit 6 What's On The Menu

Unit 7 Sing a Song, Paint a Picture

Unit 8 Winter Weatherland

Unit 9 Day & Night, Dark & Light

Unit 10 Words & Roads Take us Places

Unit 11 Safe & Sounds

Unit 12 Buggy About Spring

Unit 13 City Gardens & Country Farms

Unit 14 Fur & Feathers

Unit 15 Water Wonder

Unit 16 Earth Day Is Every Day