Spontaneous Mathematical Combustion ROCKS!!!


"The Flame is kindled, and like lightning, it catches from soul to soul."  So said Abigail Adams!!  Ms. Stiller's goal this year is to kindle that flame of love for all things History!! 

History is really gonna rock as we tackle Texas History, United States History, geography, and other interesting stuff this year in Ms. Stiller's class. 

Why history?  It's who we are, where we came from, and gives us serious clues as to where we are going! 


Remember~~History is not a book.  It is our heritage...It is our daily life....It is US!  Let's make history this year!!

Probably the most critical component of our class is our OPERATION: ARCHIVE notes.  Each student MUST have a spiral or composition notebook (any bound notebook) dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to History class (It is important that this notebook be exclusive as we will probably use all the pages this year!!)!!  As we create our OPERATION: ARCHIVE notebook resource, it will become our Social Studies tome filled with the pwerful, the fascinating, the essential, and the weird!!

The question then is why can we not use our iPads to take our OPERATION: ARCHIVE notes!?!  Research shows that the process of taking notes as we will be doing is highly efficacious to learning, retention of information, and depth of knowledge. While iPads will do many wonderful things for us in history this year, our notes will remain this tried, true, and validated method employed for years!! 

Every day we will copy, complete, discuss, and build a set of notes that we will use for EVERYTHING!!  That means you may use your notes on class work, homework, projects, and even TESTS (except for those dreaded benchmark/STAAR tests)!!  So, the better you take your notes and the more you participate in the note taking discussion, the better resource you will grow!!

Our OPERATION: ARCHIVE notes are fun, informative, interesting, and sometimes even strange and wild!  Keep organized, be complete, and brace yourself for some seriously cool learning!!